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ColbySitePhoto Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, lonely, or irritable?

Feeling sad or anxious?

Unable to sleep well no matter what you try?

Are you pregnant or have you given birth in the past year?

Today you are one step closer to feeling better.

How?   Start here:

If a miracle happened overnight, and you woke to the life you want, what would be different in the morning?  How would you feel?  Who would be with you?  What would you be doing?

In the safety of a caring and supportive relationship, we can explore your answers to these questions, and together create a plan to help you reach your goals.

As a licensed psychologist, I am trained to first focus on your strengths, and to help you use these to address depression, anxiety, insomnia, or other issues. I tailor therapy to your goals, your personality, your culture and values, and what feels right to you. Therapy might include discussing the past or the present, exploring your feelings, or examining how you and I interact with each other. It might include between-session writing or reading, in-session relaxation training, experiments in changing sleeping or eating habits, or guidance in effective parenting strategies.

The most important part of therapy is that you feel safe, understood, and supported in our relationship. By listening with openness, compassion, and empathy, and by being genuine as we talk together, I hope that you do.

Getting information is the first step, taking action is the next.

Commit to feeling better from today forward. Call me or click here to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to talking with you.

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